Computer repairs

Computer Service in Plovdiv

Troubleshoot computer problems

Service for computers and laptops
Installing programs and software
Save files and photos
Virus cleaning
Install a printer

Regular prophylaxis and maintenance

Replace non-operating parts and components
Internal cleaning and new thermo paste
Remove noise
Lubrication of fans
Connect to a network and the Internet

Repair of Laptops in Plovdiv

Laptop service in Plovdiv
Reinstalling laptop and software
Troubleshoot WiFi problems
Internal cleaning
Replacing thermal paste
Improve cooling
Installing programs and games
Removing viruses

Troubleshoot Laptop Problems
Change broken screen / matrix
Check and replace a damaged hard drive
Add more memory
Replacing a keyboard or other part
Improve speed and speed
Changing broken hinges and panels

Regular prophylaxis is the main method to extend the life of your computer or laptop. Computer systems that overheat or keep high temperature for a long time, except that they operate very slowly, can also suffer considerable damage. During operation, the electronic components (processor, videochip, etc.) generate heat, the heat sensors detect that the temperature is increased and the fan is increased. The fan, in turn, provides the necessary air circulation to reduce the temperature in the laptop to the recommended levels. It is believed that the operating temperature of Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius. When the cooling is poor or not, it leads to overheating and damage to one or more elements.

Preventing a computer system involves :  Carefully disassemble the computer. Each part is cleaned of dust. Particular attention is paid to the processor and video card fans and radiators. Clean the old thermo paste and put a new one with a high thermal conductivity factor. Carefully assemble the system. As a final, we review FREE operating system and if we find something wrong, we notify the client. If you have any difficulty or have any questions, please , contact us to help.