Building of video surveillance systems

One of ConfigBG's numerous activities is the design, construction and installation of video surveillance. The service is suitable both for business and business entities of different types and capacities, as well as for individuals aiming to protect their property and personal integrity. Made by us, the installation of your security system will be carried out in compliance with all the requirements for quality and safety.


Security is an invaluable stimulus today. Security is everything. Security has no price. That's what we believe in ConfigBG, and we stand steadily behind our words and concept. Peace and security for home and business - these are things that could not be measured in money or effort. These are factors that just need to be available.

This is the reason KonfBBG has put our every effort into the concept of security. Here you can find a variety of high-quality video surveillance cameras. They are the instrument by which we provide that part of your business and business that requires a high level of security.